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Childhood Experience Reveal Passion and Purpose

My name is Marvin Chambers. I am an Executive Coach, Ally, and Trusted Advisor to leaders. I believe in building relationships based on trust. This bond of trust will allow leaders to fulfill their promise and maximize their contributions to the planet.

I grew up on the east side of Baltimore, Maryland. Sports were huge in my neighborhood and because of my talent, I had the respect of my peers. As good as I was (a playground legend of sorts), I was not always confident and there were times when the lack of confidence was on full display. Fortunately, my father and uncle were valuable mentors and coaches. They had very different approaches (father more encouraging and supporting and taught lessons through stories; uncle more direct and clear and drove excellence through high standards and practice and repetition). Both men stood ready to push me through the most difficult times.

Who Chooses Marvin As Leadership Coach and Ally?

Leaders who know they can be and do so much more!


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  • As a coach, Marvin is not only passionate about helping his clients, but he also brings so much practical knowledge on how to help you achieve your goals. During every session we had together, I truly felt his passion and desire to help me succeed. He gave me the push, guidance and encouragement I needed to not only accomplish my goals, but to also propel to my career to the next level. I honestly could not have asked for a better coach!
    Rachel Armstrong, Learning and Development Professional
  • Marvin is an extraordinary executive coach. I had the pleasure of partnering with him for support as I transitioned to a new company to take on a highly visible, transformative role. Marvin’s approach to the partnership is what sets him apart. He has a great way of asking the right question… the hard question that challenges you to reach deep and find your own solutions in order to be great. Marvin promotes action, accountability, and works with you to define a quality plan, restore confidence, and ensure success. Marvin’s magic is that he is open and direct. He is open about his past experiences which allow him to provide an unique perspective to help you avoid landmines and distractions.
    Tinique Peery, Director
  • Marvin Chambers is an incredibly gifted coach, trainer and leader. With tremendous experience and wisdom he challenges you to dig deep, to face your strengths and your weaknesses and to use them to help you become the best leader you can possibly be. His listening skills, honesty, and passion combined with his love for seeing people and organizations reach their highest capacity is truly special. He is helping me to not only understand how leadership works but how it works as it relates to me and my organization and that’s an incredible feat. If you are truly looking for results, I would highly recommend Mr. Chambers for coaching, consulting, and training to any rising and/or experienced leader and organization because he is certainly a difference maker.
    Reggie Pickett
  • Marvin's coaching has helped to transform the way I think and act, which has helped me to be more successful. My personal and professional relationships have improved, and how I work has improved. I'm in a much better position—mindfully, personally, and professionally—than I was when I started this process with Marvin over a year ago. Marvin is a great coach. Hands down. He's helped to transform me from someone that sometimes made the hard calls when absolutely necessary, to digging down and doing the work that really needs to get done.
    Gabe Vasquez, Marketing Operations & Growth Strategies
  • Marvin provided thought provoking and actionable solutions to my human resources opportunities. I have become a better leader through the adoption of Marvin’s recommendations.
    Bill Souders, Area Sales Director
  • Marvin is a trusted leader who brings a strategic perspective to complex business initiatives. By challenging leaders to take a step back and look at their businesses differently, Marvin brings a fresh and creative approach which fosters new ideas, concepts and processes.
    Gregory Ford
    Regional HR Leader
  • Marvin is a phenomenal coach and HR leader. He is an excellent listener and is skilled at assessing situations from different angles, applying best practices and articulating actionable feedback in a direct yet supportive way. His many years of experience at all levels of organizations informs his coaching and ensures that he will provide you with enlightened perspectives.
    Vicki Thomas, Director
    Strategic Planning Executive
  • I greatly appreciated Marvin’s coaching on a monthly basis.  I was able to share and discuss many of my work, life, and leadership challenges and think through effective solutions.  I was definitely able to increase my leadership competency levels over the course of our sessions.  I am grateful for the support, encouragement, and feedback that I received during our time together.
    Caroline Ausukuya
    Group Manager