About Marvin

Marvin is a seasoned leadership coach, talent strategist and human resources executive with 25+ years of experience working with leaders and talent at all levels in world-class organizations including The Coca-Cola Company, W.R. Grace & Co., Ernst and Young, AT&T, and NCR Corporation.

Marvin believes in building trusting relationships. He uses the bond of trust to enable leaders to fulfill their promise and maximize their contributions to the planet.

His divine purpose is to coach, teach, mentor, and empower leaders to be the best versions of themselves; especially the next generation of diverse leaders. Marvin’s aim is to encourage, stretch, equip, and empower them to be amazing leaders that make a profound impact on their families, places of work and communities. They often find something is getting in the way — it may be confidence, lack of practical tools, limited exposure, inadequate accountability or a feeble strategy and playbook that allows them to maximize their performance and focus, build their credibility and competence, and illuminate their character.

These leaders find working with Marvin transformative because they exit the experience embracing their purpose and unapologetically yet humbly letting their authentic selves shine for all the world to see.

What makes Marvin stand apart from other leadership coaches who exist in the same arena?

  • Marvin makes it safe to be vulnerable and reveal your positive core beliefs, passions, values, and interests as well as fears and failures. He understands our greatest assignments and true genius is often revealed not only in best moments but in times of failure and disappointment.

  • As a former HR Executive, Marvin has been in the room for the succession and talent discussions in various organizations. He understands how to effectively assess the performance and potential of talent. He knows how to equip leaders with the know-how tools to maximize their effectiveness and impact.

  • Marvin strives to be the best version of himself and approaches his organizational and leadership development work with the same spirit. By working with Marvin, leaders get better at it — whatever that is for them.

  • As an organizational and leadership development professional, Marvin is highly relational and lives for the grunt i.e.., the question, the observation, or insight where the leader physically experiences what is required and is mentally and spiritually prepared to get out of their comfort zone to truly wrestle with critical matter to achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Marvin sees himself as more than a coach. He becomes the leader’s ALLY –standing by her side even in the dark moments and helping navigate and steer through times of significant organization change and personal and professional challenges.

In an era where businesses are grappling with challenges of a disruptive, Digital Age and managers often lack the capacity, capability and/or desire to develop emerging leaders, organizations are better served in driving retention, engagement and leadership development by leveraging Marvin’s talents as leadership coach, talent strategist and human resources business partner changing the world one emerging leader at a time!