Coaching Packages

Coaching engagements are typically 3 – 6 months in length. The following outlines the coaching packages available to leaders.

Package #1: Brand You – Executive Presence Through Your Promise
Establish and leverage your personal brand for maximum impact

As a leader, your personal brand – how you want others to experience you – should not be left to chance. This coaching program is designed to help leaders clarify their voice, leadership philosophy, enabling and limiting beliefs, values and super powers (strengths). A self-discovery process is used to build a unique brand/value proposition and a strategy that allows the leader to effectively and consistently act in a manner that reflects a powerful and compelling personal brand.

Package #2: The Relationship Alignment Experience
Create positive, productive relationships that drive extraordinary business results

This coaching package assists leaders as they establish and strengthen the relationships that drive extraordinary business results. Leaders gain clarity on how their beliefs, values, and communication styles may enhance or hinder the growth of positive, productive relationships built on trust. The package provides tools, techniques, and strategies to help leaders work effectively with others when tensions are mounting, stakes are high, and there are opposing points of view.

Package #3: The Front Line Leader Quick Start Coaching Package
Successfully transition from individual contributor to manager

The shift from individual contributor to manager can be challenging. This coaching package is designed for new managers and managers unfamiliar with the fundamentals of people management. Leaders receive coaching and support in order to tackle the challenges of people leadership. Leaders are also introduced to processes, practices, and tools that enable them to better manage performance, effectively provide feedback, and motivate their teams. This package includes group coaching so that leaders can learn from one another.

Package #4: Executive Impact Through Positive Change
Amplify your influence and optimize results through transformational change

Experienced leaders sometimes find that their tried-and-true approaches are not yielding maximum results. This package assists leaders in moving out of their comfort zones and designing strategies that enable them to successfully handle the people, business processes, systems, and cultural challenges that they are facing in their current environments. This experience leverages proven transformational change practices, methods, and tools to maximize the leader’s impact on the organization.

Package #5: Designing Your Career
Create and embark upon a personalized path for career fulfillment

Sometimes leaders come to a professional cross roads and need to reset and discover what’s next. Often it’s about developing a thoughtful growth plan to achieve the career aspirations. This program leverages the design thinking approach used in create innovation products to help leaders build a career development roadmap and work through the iterative process necessary to have a fulfilling career.

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